Cheers to new beginnings!

Hello everyone!

It’s noon where I’m at. 75 degrees, and sunny. I’m currently sitting on my back porch with a cup of luke warm tea and my new laptop! It’s voting day today. Which means no school. No complaints here. It’s a beauitful day, and I plan on spending it outside as much as possible.

I’m just taking today as it comes. I’m meeting my mom at the doctors in a couple of hours, then getting a facial after. Then later tonight is my second to last ever hockey practice. A little saddening…well, a lot. But, what can yah do?

I don’t know what else to say..Give me a break! I’m going to need some time getting used to this blogging stuff.

Have a great day everyone! 🙂



About vivalavitality

A new blog for a new start. Entering recovery. I'm ready to give myself and my body a fresh, new start. I want to be healthy, happy, and true to myself. I'm ready to experience the beautiful side of life. I'd love to talk to anyone with a positive attitude, so please, don't be shy:)
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